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Where Flavor Meets Nature: Top 3 Food and View Hunting in Punclut, Bandung

Satisfying taste buds and refreshing eyes with picturesque scenery at the same time can be fulfilled in Punclut, West Bandung. It is a recreational area where you can see the city and adjoining areas from the top. Cozy places to eat and gather with you loved ones are also there to complete you. Three of recommended restaurants from me are Dago Bakery, Tafso Barn, and RM Sangkan Hurip.
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Art: Video Editing

This is an example of my video editing, an informational video profile of a department (Jurusan Refrigerasi dan Tata Udara, Politeknik Negeri Bandung) which has been posted on YouTube.
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The Perspective: Circle of Friendships [Podcast]

Listen to this episode from The Perspective on Spotify. Here's to the people who are looking for growth in circles of friendships.
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